LATEST Arrival on 03.06.2011! TakaraTomy Dark Of The Moon!

DA-01 Bumblebee [Leader Class]
DA-02 Sentinel Prime [Leader Class]
DA-03 Optimus Prime with Trailer [Voyager Class]
DA-04 Ironhide [Voyager Class]
DA-05 Bumblebee [Deluxe Class]
DA-06 Autobot Ratchet [Deluxe Class]
DA-07 Autobot Skids [Deluxe Class]
DA-08 Sideswipe [Deluxe Class]
DA-09 Roadbuster [Deluxe Class]
DA-10 Autobot Topspin [Deluxe Class]
DA-11 Arcee [Deluxe Class]
DA-12 Air Ride [Deluxe Class]
DD-01 Megatron [Voyager Class]
DD-02 Starscream [Deluxe Class]
DD-03 Barricade [Deluxe Class]
DD-04 Crankcase [Deluxe Class]

Our LUCKY DRAW Contest still carry on until end of this month, don't miss the opportunity to win Exclusive Gift!