LATEST Arrival on 29.01.2011! Reveal The Shield New Assortment!

Reveal The Shield Battle In Space Set - Rodimus VS Cyclonus

Reveal The Shield Deluxe - Bumblebee, Perceptor, Optimus Prime, Wreck-Gar

LATEST Arrival on 19.01.2011! Transformers RTS Voyager!

Transformers Reveal The Shield Voyager Class Lugnut

Transformers Reveal The Shield Voyager Class Strafe

Transformers Reveal The Shield Voyager Class Solar Storm Grappel

iGear PP01C Clear Leader Replacement Unit READY To COLLECT!

The iGear PP01C Clear Leader replacement unit has arrived! Kindly bring along your proof of purchase (old PP01C or receipt if available) upon collection.

Replacement unit: Clear Leader 2nd Version (Brand new box with full content)

*There is a duty charge of RM60.

LATEST Arrival on 17.01.2011! Various Bandai Product!

Super Robot Chogokin Reideen

Super Robot Chogokin God Reideen

S.I.C Vol.56 Masked Rider Kuuga (Decade Edition)

S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Kiva Emperor Form

S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Dark Kiva

S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Kabuto Hyper Form

Ultra-Act Ultraman Mebius

Ultra-Act Zamsher

Saint Cloth Myth Dragon Cloth (Original TV Ver.)

Saint Cloth Myth Phoenix God Cloth

LATEST Arrival on 11.01.2011! Transformers United & Masterpiece Bumblebee!

TakaraTomy Transformers United
UN-01 Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode
UN-02 Bumblebee Cybertron Mode
UN-03 Cliffjumper Cybertron Mode
UN-04 Megatron Cybertron Mode
UN-05 Soundwave Cybertron Mode
UN-06 Optimus Prime
UN-07 Bumblebee
UN-08 Autobot Drift
UN-10 Straxus

TakaraTomy Movie Masterpiece
MP-M2 Bumblebee

Pre-order: 3rd Party Transformers Toys!

Xovergen Mecha Warfare
STC-GP Grand Patriot [Red & Green Ver]

Pre-order Price: RM280 each
Arrival: Late January 2011

TFC Club
Primary School PS-01 Primars

Pre-order Price: RM150
Arrival: Late February 2011

EX-004 Targetroids
Optimax VS Megashoton

Pre-order Price: RM90
Arrival: Mid February 2011

Hot Flame VS Screamer

Pre-order Price: RM90
Arrival: Mid February 2011

LATEST Arrival on 05.01.2011! Generations NEW Wave!

Transformers Generations Deluxe Wave 6 - Cliffjumper, Kup, Scourge & Thunderwing

Transformers Reveal The Shield Legends Wave 4 - Optimus Prime, Gold Bumblebee, Starscream & Megatron

TakaraTomy Hunt For The Decepticons
AA-11 Highbrow

AA-12 Tomahawk

AA-13 Hailstorm

AA-14 Terradrive