Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~

We would like to wish all our Muslim friend, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~
Our shop will be closed on Tuesday (30.08.2011), business will be resumed on Wednesday (31.08.2011), happy holiday~

Upcoming Product!

TakaraTomy Transformers Henkei C-05 Rodimus (Reissue)
Retail Price: RM85

TFC Toys Hercules - Exgraver, Heavy Labor, Dr.Crank, Neck Breaker, Mad Blender, Structor

TFC Toys PS-01 Primars
Retail Price: RM150

TFC Toys EX-004 Targetroids Opticmax VS Megashoton
Retail Price: RM90

TFC Toys EX-004 Targetroids Hot Flame VS Screamer
Retail Price: RM90

FansProject TFX-05 Sidearm (Restock)
Retail Price: RM50

FansProject CA-01 Warcry (Restock)
Retail Price: RM140

FansProject CA-02 Flameblast (Restock)
Retail Price: RM140

FansProject CA-03 Thundershred
Retail Price: RM140

FansProject CA-04 Stormbomb
Retail Price: RM140

FansProject CA-05 Backfiery
Retail Price: RM140

iGear Masterpiece Fighter Team PP03J Jet
Retail Price: RM350

iGear Masterpiece Fighter Team PP03E Elegy
Retail Price: RM350

iGear Masterpiece Fighter Team PP03A Attack
Retail Price: RM350

iGear Masterpiece Fighter Team PP03S Storm
Retail Price: RM350

iGear KUP-01 Kup Head Kit
Retail Price: RM40

MMC KM-02 Knight Morpher Annihilator

Estimate arriving on mid of September 2011! Stay tuned for more updates!

LATEST Arrival on 24.08.2011!

Hasbro DOTM Leader Class Ironhide

Hasbro DOTM Leader Class Bumblebee (Restock)

Hasbro DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime (Restock)

TakaraTomy DOTM DA-03 Optimus Prime With Trailer (Restock)

TakaraTomy DOTM DA-10 Autobot Topspin (Restock)

TakaraTomy DOTM DA-21 Backfire

TakaraTomy DOTM DA-22 Thunderhead

TakaraTomy DOTM DA-23 Sandstorm

TakaraTomy DOTM DD-11 Icepick

TakaraTomy MP-2 Ultra Magnus (Restock)

Pre-order: Artstorm EX Gokin Black Getter Repaint Version

Artstorm EX Gokin Black Getter Ryoma Mode Repaint Version With Changing Set
Release Date: February 2012
Retail Price: 29800Yen

Pre-order accepted now:
Product Name:
*Terms & Conditions applied

LATEST Arrival on 19.08.2011!

SOC GX-01RG Mazinger Z Gold

DX Chogokin Great-In-Box Fiverobot

DX Tensou Gattai Gosei Great

Gosei Seaic Brother Set

Gosei Landic Brother Set

Gosei Skyic Brother Set

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider New No.1

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo

Ultra-Act Evil Tiga

Tamashii Stage Act.4 For Humanoid (Clear Version)