Some Update for End 2008 & Early 2009~

It's been more than 2 weeks no update... being busy with the preparation works of Famitoy's 1st anniversary sales~ Alright, here are some updates for coming Transformers toy line!

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List of PRE-ORDER available at famitoy:
*Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock 13000yen [Mac 2009]
*Alternity A-01 Convoy feat Nissan GTR Red & Silver 4500yen [Jan 2009]
*Alternity A-02 Megatron feat Nissan Fairlady Z 4500yen [Mac 2009]
*Transformers Mickey Mouse Red & Monochrome 3800yen [Mac 2009]
Henkei C-12 Beast Wars Cheetor 2200yen [Dec 2008]
Henkei C-13 Hound with Ravage 2200yen [Dec 2008]
Henkei C-14 Ratchet 2200yen [Feb 2009]
Henkei C-15 Inferno 3500yen [Feb 2009]
Henkei C-16 Beast Wars Dinobot 2200yen [Mac 2009]
Henkei C-17 Hot Shot with Microns Jolt 2200yen [Mac 2009]
Henkei D-07 Cyclonus with Targetmaster Nightstick 2200yen [Jan 2009]
Encore 13 Trailbreaker 3000yen [Dec 2008]
Encore 14 Hoist 3000yen [Dec 2008]

To pre-order, kindly email to using the following format:

Subject: Pre-order Transformers Toy
Contact HP:
Item Name:

A minimum deposit is required for item with (*). Thank you.

Stay tune for Famitoy's 1st Anniversary Sales Ad :)