Fake Toy Review - Encore 12 Metroplex

Fake Toy Review: Encore 12 Metroplex - by 都市之翼 (Actoys.net)
China TF member reported, recently they found counterfeits Encore 12 Metroplex. Packaging looks very similar, however, there are a few sign you can check between the counterfeits & original version.
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TakaraTomy Logo
KO: The white border surrounding TakaraTomy logo was offside
Original: Perfect white border

KO Bio card has poor quality

KO Sticker sheets printing looks grainy, not sharp

KO: Line has some yellow color
Original: Line is grey color

Common Seal
KO: Has a a rectangular border, wording is a bit bold, narrow spacing
Original: Wording is slim & goes deeper, no rectangular border

Beware when you plan to get Encore 12 Metroplex, make sure you check the item carefully!