Movie 2 ROTF: Some New Product Revealed!

Movie 2 Leader Class Optimus Prime

Jet Prime (Jetfire + Optimus Prime) Concept Art?

Movie 2 Voyager Class Evac Redeco

Movie 2 Voyager Class Thrust & Skywarp

Movie 2 Scout Class Dirtboss

Movie 2 Scout Class Knockout

Movie 2 Fast Action Battlers Series

Credits: TFClub

Movie 2 Sideswipe Head Sculp

(some update about this silver Corvette)
- dual shock absorbers for lower legs
- unique feet: formed from the front portion of the car (right front side of the car on the left, left front side on the right), each foot appears to be either a tire split in 2 halves with a stabilizer (foot) sandwiched in between OR a tire sandwiched between 2 stabilizers (meaning he would have roller feet)... probably the 2nd option...
- 2 pairs of struts linking the upper legs to the lower torso
- chest is formed from the rear section of the car (outer parts) with a black section in the middle (exposed when you lift up the middle rear section) with a silver Autobot symbol on the right (think Alt. Meister when you lift the hood)
- clear blue windshield hanging off the back
- wheels (near the elbows) and rear car sections (pointing forward) hanging off the arms
- hands: 1 thick thumb and 2 thick fingers (a bit like Blackout)
- head is bit a Megatron-esque, but different... hard to describe... has blue light piping
- middle rear section of the car is pointing up on the back in robot mode (like Trans Scanning Bumblebee) and you can see 4 exhaust pipes
- hood halves hanging off the back as wings (front pointing down)
- red/orangy tail lights
- clear headlights
- blue knees
- car has long and pointy rear view mirrors (probably rubber)
- small molded Corvette symbol on front of the hood

Credits: TF08.Net