LATEST Arrival on 06.11.2009!

Latest Arrival!
TF Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock [Restock]
TF ROTF Voyager Class Starscream [Restock]
TF ROTF Voyager Class Demolishor [Restock]
TF ROTF Voyager Class Ironhide [Restock]
TF ROTF Voyager Class Stratosphere with Optimus [Restock]
TF ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime [Restock]

Coming Soon!
FansProject TFX-03 City Commander with Weapon Set
TFC-005 Gear of War 2 Energon Buster
TF Universe Superion Maximus
TF Universe Bruticus Maximus
TF Hybrid Style 02 G1 Convoy HK Release
TF Encore 01 Convoy
TF Device Label 2GB USB Drive Tigatron
TF Device Label 2GB USB Drive Ravage
TF Alternity A-02 Megatron feat. Nissan Fairlady Z Diamond Black Version