Toy Review: Hunt For The Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide!

Product Name: Hunt For The Decepticons Deluxe Class Ironhide
Manufactured by: Hasbro
Release Date: June 2010

Packaging Overview

Out of box - Car Mode (Front View), has a nice translucent blue window~

Car Mode (Side View), movie accurate?

Car Mode (Rear View)

Robot Mode, sturdy~

Height - shorter than deluxe class Ratchet... =.-

New weapon?! Self Walking Cannon Drone?!

The Cannon Drone can be attached on the left arm~

Here comes the action! Ironhide: "You feelin' lucky, punk?"

Arms & legs can bend 90°, but slightly shorter than a normal scale... the waist is fixed, can't turn...

Ironhide Ultimate Cannon Blast! XD

Combination Attack!

*There is a card printed with a 14-digit code which allow you to enter the online game on