Toy Review: iGear PP01C Clear Leader!

Product Name: PP01C Clear Leader
Manufactured by: iGear
Release Date: July 2010

Robot Mode

A translucent Masterpiece!

Now you can see the mechanism inside~ no more disguise~

Autobots, let's Roll out~

Translucent gun, new head & fist~


Action~ Same as the original MP Convoy, it can do most posing but this toy stand more sturdy!

Compare with Henkei Convoy~ (sorry no clear version for Henkei...)

This is the part where easy to break - oil tank... the spring coil is too strong, it overstressed the oil tank joint! So, becareful when you want to transform it into vehicle mode!

Overall, the toy material is a bit flimsy... Be cautious, play gently & carefully...
If you found any broken parts, kindly take a photo and email to us, we will replace an ENHANCED version to you in late September 2010. Sorry for any inconvenient.