Coming Soon! Various Transformers Product!

Transformers Hunt For The Decepticons
Voyager Class Battle Blade Optimus Prime
Leader Class Starscream (Restock) [Mid Aug]
Human Alliance Jazz with Captain Lennox

Mighty Muggs
SDCC Exclusive Prowl

G1 Reissue
SDCC Exclusive Blaster With Steeljaw, Ramhorn and Eject
Piranacon [Mid Aug]

Masterpiece MP-4S Sleep Mode Asia Version [Mid Aug]
Sons of Cybertron Animated Version [Late Aug]
Alternity A-01 Ultra Magnus [Late Aug]
Henkei C-01 Convoy (Reissue) [Late Aug]
Henkei C-13 Hound with Ravage (Reissue) [Late Aug]

Warbot Defender
XF-02A/B Crossfire 02 Add-on for Bruticus
TFX-01 ABT-OP Add-on for Alternators Optimus Prime / Binaltech Convoy (Restock)