LATEST Arrival on 03.12.2010!

Bandai SOC GX-31 Voltes V

Bandai SOC GX-32SB Gold Lightan Silver & Black Limited Edition

Bandai SOC GX-33 Leopaldon

Bandai SOC GX-43 Daimos

Bandai Vintage DX Chogokin GC-22 Bismarck

Power Core Combiners Grimstone & Dinobots
Power Core Combiners Steamhammer & Constructicons
TakaraTomy Device Label Autobot Blaster
TakaraTomy Animated TA-01 Optimus Prime Black Ver. (TF Museum Exclusive)
Bandai SOC GX-45 Mazinger Z [1st Ver. with Glove]

Coming Soon!!!
Transformers 2010 Predaking
Transformers Alternity A-01 Convoy GTR RED Ver. [Reissue]
TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-33 Rodimus
TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-38 Wing Blade Optimus Prime
TakaraTomy ROTF Leader Optimus Prime Lucky Draw Prize A [2nd Batch]
FansProject Crossfire02 Set A & B
FansProject Protectorbot & Sidearm

iGear PP01 Faith Leader [2nd Ver.]
iGear PP01C Clear Leader [Replacement Unit]
TFCToys TFC-006 Phantom of Screamer Set (Normal & Clear Ver.)