Lucky Draw Henkei Convoy in KO?!

Found 2 groups of Lucky Draw Henkei Convoy Gold Version pictures, 1 is from TFW2005, another is from TF08.NET. As we can see, the pictures from TFW2005 shows the whole body, joints, head & weapon are in gold plated, only tire are normal black color. However, if you look at the picture from TF08.Net, the anchor joint is not gold plated, chest windows are light green, both shoulder has the Autobot sign, and lastly the tires are gold plated too. It is advised to be cautios when buying from online auction!

Pictures taken from TFW2005

Picture taken from TF08.Net

First Look At MG G-Armor (for RX-78-2 Ver.2.0)!

Bandai MG 1/100 G-Armor (for RX-78-2 Ver.2.0)
Japan Official Release: January 2009
Japan Retail Price: 5600Yen

Photo: A-01Convoy, MP-8, Disney Label & Encore 13/14

Alternity Convoy's height compare to other Convoy

MP-8 Grimlock

Disney Label Mickey Mouse

Encore 13 Trailbreaker (with Vehicle Mode)

Encore 14 Hoist (with Vehicle Mode)

Lots of Universe Superion Maximus Nice Photos!

Transformers Universe Superion Maximus

Superion Maximus (Combined Mode)

Credits: funcle (hk-tf)

Fake Toy Review - Encore 12 Metroplex

Fake Toy Review: Encore 12 Metroplex - by 都市之翼 (
China TF member reported, recently they found counterfeits Encore 12 Metroplex. Packaging looks very similar, however, there are a few sign you can check between the counterfeits & original version.
Click on the image for larger view

TakaraTomy Logo
KO: The white border surrounding TakaraTomy logo was offside
Original: Perfect white border

KO Bio card has poor quality

KO Sticker sheets printing looks grainy, not sharp

KO: Line has some yellow color
Original: Line is grey color

Common Seal
KO: Has a a rectangular border, wording is a bit bold, narrow spacing
Original: Wording is slim & goes deeper, no rectangular border

Beware when you plan to get Encore 12 Metroplex, make sure you check the item carefully!

Ganbo Store Henkei Thrust & Dirge REVEALED!

The Japan Ganbo Store Exclusive - Thrust & Dirge

Transformers Henkei Thrust

Transformers Henkei Dirge

The Con-Head Brothers ;)

Pre-order accepted now! Coming in March 2009~