Preparation For Anniversary SALES in Progress~

Lots of Takara TFs:
Binaltech - Ready to complete your collection? Full range from BT-01 til BT-22 except BT-17
Unicron Trilogy - Micron Legends, Superlink, Galaxyforce... XD
Encore - quite a numbers of them :P

BEHOLD! Universe SDCC Voyager XXXXXXX XXXXX! (limited stocks...)

ROTFs... Human Alliance... Voyagers... Deluxe... Leaders... Supreme... >o<

LeLong~~~ RM5! RM10! RM15! >o<

Trans Scanning Optimus Prime & Bumblebee... collector like the word "BRAND NEW MISB C10" XD

Gundam - too messy... can't upload the photo... By the way, MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd L (with FREE GIFT) & HGUC Kystria just arrived~

Work still in progress... hopefully by Saturday morning can finish... So, see you guys on Saturday 11AM, bring more "BULLETS" ya XD

Famitoy 2nd Anniversary SALES on Saturday!

famitoy 2nd Anniversary Offer, 1 day only, 24.10.2009, don't miss it!
Item onSALE!

Transformers ROTF Toys (Hasbro) up to 30% OFF
Transformers ROTF Toys (TakaraTomy) up to 15% OFF
Transformers Unicron Trilogy Series up to 20% OFF
Transformers Animated Series up to 30% OFF
Transformers Universe Series up to 20% OFF
Transformers Henkei Series up to 20% OFF
Transformers Encore Series up to 20% OFF
Transformers Beast Wars Series up to 20% OFF
Transformers Binaltech Series up to 15% OFF
Transformers G1 Vintage up to 10% OFF
Bandai Gundam Model Kit All @ 0.035 rate (SAVE up to 38% compare to departmental store)
Masked Rider Decade Final Form Ride Series up to 40% OFF
Mugenbine Combine Robot Set up to 40% OFF
Kaiyodo Revoltech Series @ 20% OFF
Nerf Weapon Series @ 20% OFF

★ Featured Item ★
Transformers Titanium 6" Toy @ RM50 ea only (normal retail RM80)
Transformers TFTM Deep Space Starscream @ RM80 (normal retail RM120)
Transformers Trans Scanning Optimus Prime @ RM80 (normal retail RM130)

Transformers Trans Scanning Bumblebee @ RM70 (normal retail RM120)
Bandai PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Red Frame @ RM595 (normal retail RM949.90) Bandai MG 1/100 G-Fighter RM145 (normal retail RM279.90)
Unifive SRW Chogokin 1/144 Alteisen @ 50% OFF

Come find out more offers at our shop! Let's SAPUz :)

*All stock are limited to 1 item per person & 1st come 1st served basis.
** Discount does not applicable on pre-order nor reservation item.
*** Goods sold are not refundable nor exchangable.
**** Subject to change without prior notice.

We Are 2 NOW! Famitoy 2nd Anniversary Sales!

Thanks for yours support!
On 21th October 2009, WE ARE 2~ In return of your support, we will be having an 2nd Anniversary Sales on coming Saturday (24.10.2009), 11am til 7pm, venue at Famitoy, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. So, stay tune for our GREAT Anniversary Offer Announcement shortly!

We will continue to bring in more collectible items for fellow collectors :)

NEW! Disney Label HOLIDAY Vehicle Monochrome Ver!

Item Name: Disney Label Donald Duck Monochrome Version
Japan Retail Price: 3800Yen
Japan Release Date: Late January 2010
Pre-order Accepted Now!

LATEST Arrival on 16.10.2009!

Latest ARRival on 16.10.2009!

ROTF Value Pack Leader Megatron with Deluxe Camshaft
ROTF Human Alliance Sideswipe with Epps [Restock]
ROTF Human Alliance Skids with Mikaela & Arcee [Restock]
ROTF RD-01 Leader Megatron [Restock]
Masterpiece MP-4 Convoy with Trailer [Reissue]
Encore 18 Skids
Universe Superion Maximus [Restock]
Universe Bruticus Maximus [Restock]
Animated Voyager Shockwave [Restock]

G3 Trailer [Restock]
Powered Commander [Restock]
Aerial Appendage [Restock]

Gundam Model Kit
MG 1/100 RX-75 Guntank
NG 1/100 Gale Strike Gundam
NG 1/100 Hail Buster Gundam
NG 1/100 Nix Providence Gundam
NG 1/100 Regen Duel Gundam
HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam
HGUC 1/144 Gundam Ground War Set
HGUC 1/144 FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam 7th
SD BB340 Taishiji Dom
SD BB341 Juniku Gundam
SD BB342 Kyocho Gundam
SD BB343 Sanada Yukimura
SD BB344 Oda Nobunaga
-Reproduction of old BB Gundam-
SD BB203 Wing Gundam Zero Custom
SD BB257 Freedom Gundam
SD BB261 Aegis Gundam
SD BB268 Justice Gundam
SD BB280 Force Impulse Gundam
SD BB288 Strike Freedom Gundam
SD BB290 Destiny Gundam
SD BB293 Strike Noir Gundam

More Upcoming ROTF TakaraTomy Version!

More upcoming ROTF TakaraTomy version!
RA-26 NEST Jungle Attack Ironhide (3800Yen)

RA-27 Alliance Bumblebee (2300Yen)

RD-19 Demolisher Shine Attack (3800Yen)

RD-20 NEST Burajion (3800Yen)

RD-21 Rampage Desert Combat (2300Yen)

RD-22 NEST Darji (2300Yen)

RD-23 NEST Scout Breakdown (1200Yen)

Countdown to Famitoy 1021 2nd Anniversary!

Famitoy 2nd Anniversary is coming soon~ Start from today, we will giving GREAT offers on some item listed on our eBay store! Make sure to check our store everyday for GREAT offers :)

Famityo eBay Store URL

NEW Transformers GUM! Collection of CONVOY! PREORDER NOW!


Manufactured by: Kabaya
Release Date: Late December 2009
Each pack containing 1 transformable figure + gum, there are 3 character:
• G1 Convoy
• Star Saber
• Henkei Convoy
*The figures are packed randomly.

Price per pack: RM15
Price per box of 8pcs: RM120

THS-02 Available for Preorder & Upcoming TF Toy List!

GREAT News! We are now taking order for Hybrid Style THS-02 G1 Convoy (Hasbro HK Release)! Scheduled to be released in late October 2009!

Pre-order Price: RM195

Upcoming Transformers toy in October 2009
Masterpiece MP-4 Convoy with Trailer [Reissue]
Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock [Reissue]
ROTF RA-01 Leader Optimus Prime [Restock]
ROTF RA-03 Bumblebee [Restock]
ROTF RA-04 Sideswipe [Restock]
ROTF RA-13 Jetfire [Restock]
ROTF RD-01 Leader Megatron [Restock]
Alternity A-02 Megatron Diamond Black Ver
Device Label Tigatron USB Drive
Device Label Jaguar USB Drive
Transformers Generation Vol.3

ROTF Leader Class Megatron with Camshaft Value Pack
ROTF Human Alliance Skids with Mikaela & Arcee [Restock]
ROTF Human Alliance Sideswipe with Eps [TBC]
ROTF Voyager Fallen [Restock]
ROTF Deluxe Arcee [Restock]
Universe Combiners Superion Maximus
Universe Combiners Bruticus Maxmius
Universe SDCC Soundwave with Cassette [Restock]
Titanium 6" Optimus Prime, Hotzone & Thrust *sold in set of 3 [Restock]
Animated Voyager Class Shockwave [Restock]
Animated Deluxe Class Jazz [Restock]

FansProject / TFC
G3 Trailer [Restock]
Aerial Appendage [Restock]
D.I.A Commander [Restock]
City Commander & Weapon Set
TFX-03 Weapon Pack
Gear of War 2 - Energon Buster