ROTF toy release in late June 2009
Deluxe Class

Voyager Class

Leader Class
Optimus Prime [Restock]

Human Alliance Series
★★★Bumblebee with Sam★★★

TakaraTomy Robo-Q
Optimus Prime


ROTF toy release in July 2009
Deluxe Class
Cannon Bumblebee
Interrogator Barricade
Skids & Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck)

Voyager Class
Fallen [Restock]
Starscream [Restock]
Demolishor [Restock]
Long Haul

Leader Class

Gundam Model Kit LATEST Arrival!

Latest Gunpla Arrival! 18.06.2009
MG 1/100
Gouf Ver.2.0

NG 1/100
00 Raiser Designer Color Ver. with GN Sword II

HG 1/144
00 Raiser Trans-AM Mode

BB #325 Joko Serpant

BB #326 Sonshoko Gerbera

famiDiY: How to modify TFA Blurr knee joint?

This is a small & lite lesson, showing you how to modify the TFA deluxe Blurr knee joint.

Knee joint before modify. Can bend 90° only... lame...

Alright, lets open the leg cover now as shown below.

See the part now? That cause Blurr's knee can bend 90° only...

Use a plyer, cut it, then use a cutter/blade to shave til as shown in the pic.

Now, reassemble back the parts. See! The knee has become smoother and it can bend 180° now~

Lesson complete~ Thanks for looking & hope you enjoy your new TFA Blurr ;P

Some pictures showing a modified TFA Blurr~

Bandai MG Gundam EXIA Ignition Mode Taking Pre-order NOW!

Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam EXIA Ignition Mode
Price: 5000yen
Estimate arriving on early August 2009

Extra parts, available in the "Ignition Mode" set only

Box Art

Place your order NOW~

Device Label Secret Features REVEALED!

Add Some Detail On Your ROTF Toy~

Did some minor touch-up, simple & nice~
ROTF deluxe Breakaway, the neck been modified, now can do better pose~

Bumblebee, eyeball painted with metalic blue, looks more realistic ;)

Front & rear bumper painted with solid black, rear brake light painted with clear red :P

Upcoming paint work, the best ROTF deluxe figure ^o^

ROTF New Decepticon Leader Combiner?!

Decepticon leader does combine too? Check this out~ ;P

The truth is.... voyager Starscream + leader Megatron ;P

Enjoy the fun~

Restock of Disney Label Mickey Red Ver ARRIVED!

The restock of Disney Label Mickey Mouse Red version has finally arrived. You may collect your pre-order start today!