LATEST Arrival on 17.03.2011! FansProject! MORE Than Meets The EYE~

FansProject TFX-04 Protector & TFX-05 Sidearm

Pre-order Price (TFX-04 + 05): RM280 as promised~

*Due to some technical issue, Crossfire-02 Explorer & Munitioner will be slightly delayed, sorry for inconvenient.

LATEST Arrival on 16.03.2011!

Transformers United UN-15 Perceptor

Transformers United UN-18 Wrecker

Transformers Generation Deluxe Class Wave 7 - Scourge, Kup, Wheeljack, Thundercracker

Bandai Ultra-Act Ultraman Kaiser Belial

Bandai Ultra-Act Ultimate Ultraman Zero

Bandai SOC GX-45A Mazinger Z Atami Night Version [Tamashii Nation 2009 Exclusive]

Coming soon! Transformers Movie 3 Toyline: TakaraTomy Version

Transformers Movie 3: Dark Of The Moon
DA-01 Power Armed Bumblebee (8000Yen)

DA-02 Sentinel Prime (8000Yen)

DA-03 Optimus Prime With Trailer (6500Yen)

DA-04 Ironhide (4000Yen)

DA-05 Bumblebee (3500Yen)

DA-06 Ratchet (2600Yen)

DA-07 Skids (2600Yen)

DA-08 Sideswipe (2600Yen)

DA-09 Roadbuster (2600Yen)

DA-10 Autobot Spin (2600Yen)

DA-11 Arcee (2600Yen)

DA-12 Airblade (2600Yen)

DA-13 Skyhammer (4000Yen)

DA-14 Jolt (2600Yen)

DD-01 Megatron (4000Yen)

DD-02 Starscream (2600Yen)

DD-03 Combat Barricade (2600Yen)

DD-04 Crankcase (2600Yen)

DD-05 Shockwave (4000Yen)

DD-06 Decepticon Voltex (2600Yen)

Dual Model Kit Optimus Prime (8800Yen)

Dual Model Kit Bumblebee (3800Yen)

Stealth Force DX Optimus Prime (4800Yen)

Stealth Force DX Bumblebee (4800Yen)

Stealth Force DX Bigbox (2480Yen)

Stealth Force DX Starscream (2480)

Stealth Force Basic Redfoot (1980Yen)

Stealth Force Basic Bumblebee (1980Yen)

Stealth Force Basic Barricade (1980Yen)

Robot Figure Optimus Prime (2800Yen)

Robot Figure Bumblebee (2800Yen)

Robot Figure Ironhide (2800Yen)

Robot Figure Starscream (2800Yen)

Battle Mask Optimus Prime (1980Yen)

Battle Mask Bumblebee (1980Yen)

Stay tuned for more updates~

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