LATEST Arrival on 31.12.2009! Alternity A-03 Bumblebee & Cliffjumper

Alternity A-03 Bumblebee feat. Suzuki Swift Champion Yellow
Alternity A-03 Cliffjumper feat. Suzuki Swift Supreme Red Pearl
You may collect your pre-ordered unit now!

LATEST Arrival on 30.12.2009! Amazon Japan Exclusive Black Optimus Prime!

Amazon Japan Exclusive - ROTF Optimus Prime Black Version Movie set (DVD/Blu-ray)
You may collect your pre-ordered unit now!

Others arrival:
MG 1/100 V Gundam Ver.Ka with Clear Parts
MG 1/8 Son Gokou
HG 1/144 Masurao
BB #351 Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku
BB #352 Senjin Gasshin Shiyu

LATEST Arrival on 29.12.2009! Kabaya Transformers GUM!

Kabaya Transformers GUM, featuring G1 Convoy, Starsaber & Henkei Convoy, stand about 2.5" - 3", snap-fit transformable model kit, comes with decals & a "yummy" chewing gum~
Pre-order Price: RM15 each
You may start to collect your pre-ordered unit now!

PRE-ORDER for Masterpiece G1 Ghost Starscream!

Item Description: Masterpiece G1 Ghost Starscream
Released by: TakaraTomy
Release Date: Late June 2010
Estimate Retail Price: RM369

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LATEST Arrival on 28.12.2009! ToyHobby Market King Grimlock!

Latest arrival - the Japan ToyHobby Market Exclusive Masterpiece MP-8X King Grimlock! You may start to collect your pre-order unit now! 1st come 1st served~

Coming soon...
Alternity A-03 Bumblebee
Alternity A-03 Cliffjumper
Kabaya Candy Toy Transformers Gum

Pre-order FansProject Warbot Defender! NEW YEAR SPECIAL!

Item Name: Warbot Defender
Manufactured by: FansProject
Material: Diecast + ABS
Features: 30-points Articulation, 15cm height
Release Date: Late April 2010
Retail Price: RM280
NEW YEAR Special Pre-order Price: RM250 (Save RM30) • Limited to 50pcs only!

New Year Special Offer! Buster Optimus Prime + Jetfire Twinpack Special!

Welcome New Year 2010 with SPECIAL DEAL! We are offering the most valuable collection of the year - Buster Optimus Prime + Jetfire Twinpack, at a special price - RM370 @ 50pcs only! Place your order today! Don't miss it! For those who has place orders with us earlier, will be also entitled for this special rate too!

Item Name: Buster Optimus Prime + Jetfire Twinpack
Manufactured by: TakaraTomy
Normal Retail Price: RM399
Special Offer Price: RM370 (Save RM29)
Quantity: 50pcs
Pre-order closed: 31st December 2009
Delivery date: Late January 2010

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LATEST Arrival on 18.12.2009! MP-1B Convoy Black version!

This afternoon, we have the following stock arrive:
Masterpiece MP-1B Convoy Black Version with Exclusive Gift
Henkei Ghost Starscream (Mail Order Exclusive) • for 2nd batch pre-order only

Korean Version Galaxy Force Part 2:
Ligerjack (Leo Breaker)
First Gunner (Cybertron Defense Red Alert)
Noisemaze (Sideways)
Autovolt (Crosswise)
>>>More Korean Version coming next month<<<
Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy
Galaxy Force Starscream

Coming soon...
Masterpiece MP-8X King Grimlock (ToyHobbyMarket Exclusive)
ROTF Optimus Prime Black Version with DVD/Blu-ray (Amazon Japan Exclusive)

LATEST Arrival on 14.12.2009! Korean Galaxy Force!

Latest arrival! Korean Version Galaxy Force Part 1!
Sonic Bomber (Wing Saber)
Vector Prime
Nitro Convoy (Overdrive)
Exillion (Hot Shot)
Dreadrock (Jetfire)
Megalo Convoy with Legends Galaxy Convoy (Metroplex)
More Korean TF coming soon...

ROTF RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime [Restock]
Alternity A-02 Megatron Diamond Black Version [Restock]

Pre-order Henkei Dark Skyfire & ROTF Optimus Prime Jetfire Asia Edition!

Item Name: Henkei Dark Skyfire (Japan ToyHobby Exclusive)
Release Date: Late March 2009
Pre-order Price: RM145

Item Name: ROTF Optimus Prime & Jetfire Twinpack (Asia Exclusive)
Release Date: Late Jan 2009
Pre-order Price: RM399

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LATEST Arrival on 12.12.2009!

Perfect Grade 1/60 Gundam 00 Raiser Initial Production Version

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2.0 Mechanical Smoked Clear Version

2nd Shipment of Henkei Ghost Starscream! PRE-ORDER NOW!

We are taking pre-order for 2nd shipment of Henkei Mail Order Exclusive Ghost Starscream!

#1 Henkei Ghost Starscream RM289

#2 Henkei Ghost Starscream (RM289) + Original Japanese Version Transformers Generations 2009 Vol.3 (worth RM110)
OFFER Price - RM369 only for both item!!!

The Henkei Seekers~ Have you completed them?

Credits: photo by yamie_23

LATEST Arrival on 08.12.2009!

ROTF Leader Class Jetfire [Restock]
ROTF Deluxe Class Bumblebee [Restock]
ROTF Deluxe Class Sideswipe [Restock]
ROTF Deluxe Class Skids [Restock]
ROTF Deluxe Class Mudflap [Restock]
ROTF Deluxe Class Cannon Bumblebee [Restock]
ROTF Deluxe Class Skids & Mudflap [Restock]
ROTF NEST Series Deluxe Class Dirge [Restock]
ROTF NEST Series Deluxe Class Autobot Gears [Restock]
ROTF NEST Series Deluxe Class Alliance Bumblebee [Restock]
ROTF NEST Series Deluxe Class Tuner Mudflap [Restock]
ROTF NEST Series Deluxe Class Armorhide [Restock]
Universe Combiners Superion Maximus [Restock]
Universe Combiners Bruticus Maximus [Restock]
TakaraTomy Hybrid Style THS-02 G1 Convoy [Restock]
TakaraTomy Encore 01 Convoy [Restock]

Fans Kit
TFC-005 Gear of Wars 2 Energon Buster [Restock]
FansProject G3 Trailer [Restock]
FansProject D.I.A Commander [Restock]
FansProject Aerial Appendage [Restock]

Transformers Animated JAPANESE Version out in March 2010?!

Item Name • Retail Price • Release Date
Single Pack
TFA-01 Optimus Prime • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-02 Bumblebee • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-03 Bulkhead • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-04 Ratchet • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-05 Prowl • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-06 Megatron • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-07 Starscream • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-08 Lockdown • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-09 Blackarachnia • 2300yen • March 2010
TFA-10 Cliffjumper • 1200yen • March 2010
TFA-11 Dirge • 1200yen • March 2010
TFA-12 Arcee • 2300yen • April 2010
TFA-13 Blitzwing • 3600yen • March 2010
TFA-14 Shockwave • 3600yen • April 2010
TFA-15 Lugnut • 3600yen • April 2010
TFA-16 Soundwave • 2300yen • April 2010

VS Twinpack
Optimus Prime VS Megatron • 6800yen • March 2010
Bumblebee VS Starscream • 4500yen • March 2010
Ratchet VS Lockdown • 4500yen • March 2010
Bulkhead VS Soundwave • 5600yen • March 2010
Prowl VS Blitzwing • 5600yen • April 2010

*Subject to change without prior notice.

LATEST Arrival on 05.12.2009!

TakaraTomy RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime

Mighty Muggs Exclusive Wave - Movie Optimus Prime, Movie Bumblebee, G1 Jazz, G1 Shockwave

MG 1/100 AMX-004-2 Qubeley MK-II
NG 1/100 Vent Saviour Gundam
HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)
HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode)
BB Gundam #345 Kyoui Gundam F91
BB Gundam #346 Teihou Gundam
BB Gundam #347 Batai Gundam
BB Gundam #348 Bashoku Gundam
BB Gundam #349 Sonsaku Physalis Gundam
BB Gundam Gokoshou Gundam Ryuukihou Set