SDCC Exclusive Soundwave & MORE TF Coming Soon!

• SDCC Exclusive Soundwave with 4 Cassette Set

• Hasbro Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam [Restock]
• Hasbro Human Alliance *********
• TakaraTomy Ezy Collection Constructicons Devastator
• TakaraTomy Encore 16 Bruticus
• TakaraTomy Encore 17 Big Mission Cassette Vol.2
• Fans Project Superion Add-on Set

Pre-order TFC Gear of War #2 Energon Blaster!

Product Name: TFC Gear of War #2 Energon Blaster
Product Code: TFC-005
Package Content: G1 Rifle with built-in LED x1, mini G1 rifle with detachable LED x1, Movie rifle add-on set (suitable for TFTM & ROTF) x1
Release Date: Late Sept 2009
Retail Price: RM95

Pre-order accepted now!

ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime & Jetfire NEW Combination Mode!

NEW Discovered! ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime & Jetfire Combination Mode! CHECK-THIS-OUT ;P

Front View
- without snapping Jetfire's foot with Optimus Prime's foot, now it can do more action ;)

Rear View
- Optimus Prime has a huge backpack, with both Jetfire legs lift up, it looks like a pair of thruster!

"I Rise, You Fall..."

*Both Leader Class Optimus Prime & Jetfire will be restock in early August!

Upcoming Fans Kit From Fans Project & TFC!

Fans Project City Commander Ver.1.5
Estimate Release Date: Nov 2009
Price: To Be Announced
Feature: Improved & new parts

TFC Gear Of War #2 Commander Energon Blaster
Estimate Release Date: Late Sept 2009
Price: RM109
Feature: Suitable for ROTF Leader Optimus Prime, Henkei Convoy & Alternity Convoy. Comes with removable LED block

The Mighty Constructicons Devastator has LANDED!

ROTF Mighty Constructicons Devastator
Retail Price: RM450

Powered Commander 2nd Batch from FANS PROJECT!

Great news! We are confirm to have 2nd batch of Fans Project Powered Commander, coming in 2nd week of August! Place your order now! Don't Miss again!
2nd Batch ORDER CLOSiNG DATE: 24.07.2009
Price: RM295

*Due to some shipment arrangement issue, the 1st batch will be arriving together with 2nd batch, sorry for inconvenient!


ROTF RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime TakaraTomy Ver.
*comes with new face mold, oil tank convert to buster rifle & metalic painting!
Release Date: Nov 2009
Retail Price: RM279

NEW Gunpla Coming Soon This Month!

MG 1/100 Series
MS-06J Zaku II White Auger IGLOO2 Ver

Gravity Battle Line Image Color Ver. Series

MS-06J Zaku II

MS-07B3 Gouf Custom

MS-09 Dom

Aile Strike Gundam with Bazooka

Infinite Justice Gundam [Restock]

NG 1/100 Series [Restock]
Astray Blue Frame 2nd L
Astray Red Frame
Gundam Saviour

UPCOMING Alternity, Disney Label & Encore!

UPCOMING TakaraTomy TF, schedule to be released in Q4 2009!
Alternity A-03 Bumblebee feat. Suzuki Swift Sport Champion Yellow & Red Pearl
Retail Price: 4,500 Yen each
Release Date: November 2009

Disney Label Donald Duck
Retail Price: 3,800 Yen
Release Date: December 2009

Encore 19 Big Mission Cassette Vol.3 - Frenzy, Rumble, Overkill & Buzzsaw
Retail Price: 4,000 Yen
Release Date: December 2009

Pre-order accepted now!

Titanium Series is BACK with Optimus Prime, Hotzone & Thrust!

The Transformers Titanium 6" series is back with Hotzone (RID Optimus Prime Repaint), War Within Optimus Prime (Repaint) & Thrust! Coming soon to Malaysia ;)

NEW ARRIVAL on 15.07.2009 & Upcoming Toy!

NEW Arrival on 15.07.2009!
Alternity A-01 Black Convoy feat. Nissan GTR
Alternity A-02 Megatron feat. Nissan Fairlady Z Silver Ver
Alternity A-02 Megatron feat. Nissan Fairlady Z Blue Ver
ROTF Deluxe Assortment Wave 4 [Restock]

Coming soon in 10 days time :)
FANSproject Powered Commander - RM295
FANSproject Superion Add-on Kit - RM175

Schedule to be released in early August 2009
ROTF Constructicon Devastator

ROTF Leader Class Assortment Wave 2 - Optimus Prime [Restock], Jetfire

ROTF Voyager Class Assortment Wave 2 Rev. 3 - Fallen [Restock], Ratchet [Restock], Megatron [Restock], Stratosphere

ROTF Deluxe Class Wave 5 - Deadend, Blazemaster, Jolt, Skids & Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck)

NEW! Knight Morphers Commander & MORE!

MasterMindCreation - KM01 Knight Morphers Commander (aka Heart of Steal Optimus Prime)
Made by: Master Mind Creation
Size: 6 inch (close to a Voyager class height)
Material: ABS
Release Date: Q4 2009
Estimate Retail Price: USD80 (Famitoy Pre-order Price RM299)

For more picture:

Beside, we also taking pre-order for:
• A-02 Megatron feat. Nissan Fairlady Z Diamond Black Version (Release in October 2009, 4500Yen)

• Encore 18 Skids (Release in October 2009, 3000Yen)

MASTERPIECE MP-4 Convoy with Trailer Japan Official REISSUE!!!

GREAT NEWS from TakaraTomy! The most awesome Transformers Masterpiece MP-4 Convoy with Trailer will be reissue in October 2009! This is the 1st time MP-4 is officially reissue since it was released in year 2006! So, don't miss it again!
Product Name: Masterpiece MP-4 Convoy with Trailer
Release Date: October 2009
Japan Retail Price: 18,000Yen

*To pre-order, please submit your name & contact to

ROTF Toy New Arrival!

Leader Class
Optimus Prime [Restock]
Megatron [Restock]

Voyager Class
Mix Master

Deluxe Class
Cannon Bumblebee
Interagator Baricade

Human Alliance Series
Bumblebee with Sam

Robo-Q Series
Optimus Prime