LATEST Arrival on 30.03.2012!

Bandai Chogokin GE-10 Gaiking

Bandai Soul Of Chogokin GX-48 Big O

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Dendoh

Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen

Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter

TakaraTomy Transformers Movie AA-03 Ironhide

TakaraTomy Transformers Movie AA-05 Sea Spray

TakaraTomy Transformers Movie AA-11 Highbrow

TakaraTomy Transformers Movie AA-12 Tomahawk

TakaraTomy Transformers Movie AA-14 Terradive

TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-17 Grimlock

TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-18 Snarl

TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-19 Swoop

TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-28 Sentinel Prime

TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-30 Autobot Blurr

TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-33 Rodimus

TakaraTomy Transformers Animated TA-38 Wingblade Optimus Prime

TakaraTomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock

LATEST Arrival on 29.03.2012!

Bandai Mega Scale 1/48 Gundam Age-1 Normal

Bandai Mega Scale 1/48 Gundam Age-2 Normal

Bandai HGUC 1/144 MSN-001 Delta Gundam

LATEST Arrival on 27.03.2012!

Hasbro Transformers Movie Trilogy Series All Star Optimus Prime with Trailer

TakaraTomy Encore 21 Soundblaster

TakaraTomy Encore 22 Twincast

LATEST Arrival on 20.03.2012!

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Zeorymer

Bandai Ultra-Act Ultraman Dyna [Flash Type]

Upgrade In Progress...

Upgrading work in progress from 16.3.2012 til 17.3.2012, sorry for any inconvenient.

LATEST Arrival on 13.03.2012!

Fans-Want-It FWI-2 Battle Cannons & Arm Blades
Add-on Parts for DOTM Leader Class Ironhide

TakaraTomy Transformers United
UN-28 Axalon

UN-29 Ark Unicron

UN-30 Optimus Primal

UN-31 Beast Megatron

LATEST Arrival on 07.03.2012!

Maketoys Battle Tanker アップグレード タンクローリー 初回限定版
Add-on Parts for United UN-22 Laser Optimus Prime or RTS Optimus Prime

An additional head will be given with purchase of Battle Tanker Set (while stock last)