LATEST Arrival on 10.02.2010!

TFC-004 Gear of Wars 1
TFC-005 Gear of Wars 2
TFC Battle Roller EX-002B (Metalic Black Ver)
TFC Battle Roller EX-002R (Anime Accurate Ver)

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FansProject Crossfire XF-02A Explorer
Release Date: Late May 2010
Pre-order Price: RM160
Retail Price: RM170

FansProject Crossfire XF-02B Munitioner
Release Date: Late June 2010
Pre-order Price: RM160
Retail Price: RM170

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LATEST Arrival on 06.02.2010! TakaraTomy ROTF!

TakaraTomy ROTF RA-26 Jungle Attack Ironhide
TakaraTomy ROTF RD-19 Demolishor Shanghai Attack
TakaraTomy ROTF RD-20 NEST Bludgeon
TakaraTomy ROTF RD-21 Decepticon Rampage Desert Attack
TakaraTomy ROTF RD-22 NEST Dirge
TakaraTomy ROTF RD-23 Scout Breakdown

Hasbro ROTF Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam [Retock]
Hasbro ROTF Human Alliance Mudflap with Chromia & Simmon
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LATEST Arrival on 03.02.2010!

ROTF NEST Deluxe Class Strike Mission Sideswipe
ROTF NEST Deluxe Class Alliance Bumblebee
ROTF NEST Deluxe Class Brawn
ROTF NEST Deluxe Class Ratchet
ROTF NEST Deluxe Class Lockdown

ROTF NEST Scout Class Brakedown
ROTF NEST Scout Class Skystalker
ROTF NEST Scout Class Sonar
ROTF NEST Scout Class Wideload
ROTF NEST Scout Class Divebomb
ROTF NEST Scout Class Scattorshot

ROTF Legends Devastator Giftset Walmart Exclusive

ROTF Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire Twinpack Asian Exclusive [Restock]