Shadow Commander ARRIVED!

Fans Project Shadow Commander has finally arrived. Thanks to rave_ragu from cariTF for sharing the group photo of Shadow Commander.
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Final Battle Mode!

Nemesis Prime with it's "Shadow Blade" :)

Vehicle Mode

Famitoy wish everyone: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Closed on 25th December, business resume on 26th December. Sorry for any inconvenient.

Movie 2 ROTF: Legends COMBINE!

Legend Class Optimus Prime

Legends Class Jetfire

Legends Class COMBINE Mode

Credits: TF08.NET

Upcoming Universe 2.0 TF On Early 2009!

New Universe 2.0 TF, estimated to arrive on March 2009!
Universe 2.0 Hot Shot with Jolt (From Armada Series)

Universe 2.0 Ratchet

Upcoming TakaraTomy Henkei Series!

Upcoming TakaraTomy Henkei Series Release on early 2009!
C-18 Attach Team (Release in March 2009)

C-19 Spy Team (Release in March 2009)

C-20 Red Alert (Release in April 2009)

C-21 Smokescreen (Release in April 2009)

TakaraTomy Upcoming G1 Reissue Cassette Launch In March 2009!

Here we got a new group of photos showing the upcoming TakaraTomy Transformers product - Transformers Cassette Big Mission pack, comes with 4 units of G1 cassette, Laserbeak, Ravage, Rewind & Eject. According to TakaraTomy, they will renew some part from sticker changed to tempo printing, and the toys will be packed in nostalgic package. Japan official release date will be 26th March 2009, and retail price is 4000Yen.

Pre-order accepted now, RM130 per package!

Robot Heroes Blind Pack Out in Malaysia 7-11!

Transformers Robot Heroes in blind pack out in Malaysia, exclusively for 7-11 (Klang Valley only), retail price is RM9.90. It's fun :)
Packaging Overview

Some of the figures...
G1 Optimus Prime Metalic Version, G1 Megatron & G1 Unicron

G1 Bumblebee

Movie Megatron & Movie Optimus Prime Trooper...

Movie Battle Damaged Optimus Prime (was an exclusive item from BestBuy DVD boxset)

G1 Optimus Prime Metalic Version & G1 Ultra Magnus

Movie Barricade & Movie Cliffjumper (also 1 of the exclusive item from BestBuy DVD Boxset)

Credits: yamie_23 & rave_ragu (CariTF)

More Picture of Henkei Ratchet & Inferno!

More clear picture of Henkei Ratchet & Inferno been revealed by e-Hobby Japan!
Henkei C-12 Ratchet

Henkei C-15 Inferno

Target Exclusive: Animated Sunstorm & Shockwave in Package!

Animated Target Exclusive Voyager Sunstorm with Activators Ratchet

Animated Target Exclusive Voyager Shockwave (G1 Color) with Activators Bumblebee

REVEALED! Color Photo of MP-8 Grimlock!

Finally, Japan e-Hobby has revealed the actual color of Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock. It's AWESOME! XD

Pre-order accepted now! Just email to

First Look At Alternity A-02 Megatron!

We've got 2 pictures showing the prototype of Alternity Megatron with its weapon!
Available in March 2009, Japan Retail Price: 4500Yen

Stay tune for more picture updates!