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Toy Review: Knight Morphers Commander!

Product Name: Knight Morphers Commander KM-01
Manufactured by: MastermindCreation

Slightly taller than Henkei Convoy~ Basically same articulation, with extra trailer which convertible to a battle station or base, & a matrix of leadership~ Weapons are a rifle, a lance, and a crusader style foldable shield ;P

The Autobot leaders from different universe!

Ironman chest plate? GN Drive? XD

it looks great with TFC Gear of War 2 weapon part~

LATEST Arrival! Knight Morphers, TakaraTomy Animted, Henkei Dark Skyfire, etc!

Knight Morphers Commander KM-01

ROTF Scout Skystalker
ROTF Scout Scattershot
ROTF Deluxe Alliance Bumblebee
ROTF Deluxe Ratchet
ROTF Deluxe Lockdown
ROTF Deluxe Brawn
ROTF Voyager Mindwipe
ROTF Legends EZ Devastator G1 Color
Animated Optimus Prime
Animated Bumblebee
Animated Ironhide
Animated Ratchet
Animated Prowl
Animated Cliffjumper
Animated Megatron
Animated Starscream
Animated Blackarachnia
Animated Lockdown
Animated Dirge
Animated Optimus Prime VS Megatron
Animated Bumblebee VS Starscream
Animated Ratchet VS Lockdown
Disney Label Donald Duck Mono Color
Henkei Dark Skyfire

Ironman 2 3.75" Figure

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