Pre-order iGear PP01 Faith Leader 2nd Version!

Product Name: iGear PP01 [2ND] Faith Leader
Package Content: Robot x1, Head x2, Mini Cloak x1, MP1 Cloak x1, Energon Axe x1, MP5 Gun Mode x1, Rifle x1
Release Date: Late September 2010
Pre-order Price: RM350

LATEST Arrival on 28.06.2010! iGear Nemesis Leader!

Product Name: iGear PP-01B Nemesis Leader (Miniature Masterpiece Nemesis Convoy)
Remark: Limited to 500pcs only

NEW PICTURES! TakaraTomy Transformers Animated Clear Optimus Prime & Hot Rodimus Set!

Transformers Animated Optimus Prime & Rodimus Set
トランスフォーマーアニメイテッド オプティマスプライム&ロディマスセット

Optimus Prime


Japan Toy Show 2010 Limited Edition! TA-05 Prowl, Dreadwing & Smokescreen!

Japan Tokyo Toy Show 2010 Exclusive TF!
Dreadwing & Smokescreen (Metallic Finish)

TA-05 Prowl (Elite Guard Version)

Sneak Preview: iGear Miniature Masterpiece Convoy Crystal Clear Ver!

Product Name: iGear PP-01C Miniature Masterpiece Convoy Crystal Clear Version
Release Date: July 2010

Collection of iGear Miniature Masterpiece Convoy~

From left: Gold ( Exclusive), Normal, Black (Limited 500pcs), Unknown, Silver ( Exclusive)

Toy Review: Alternity A-04 Starscream feat. Mitsuoka Orochi!

Transformers Alternity A-04 Starscream feat. Mitsuoka Orochi (White)
Manufactured by: TakaraTomy
Release Date: May 2010
Retail Price: 4500Yen

Car Mode (Front)

Car Mode (Rear)

Car Mode (Top)

Car Mode (Side)

All doors open~

Robot Mode

Robot Mode (Front)

Robot Mode (Rear)


LATEST Arrival on 12.06.2010! Alternity Starscream & Skywarp, & new TakaraTomy Animated!

TakaraTomy Alternity A-04 Starscream & Skywarp feat. Mitsuoka Orochi

Animated TA-17 Grimlock

Animated TA-18 Snarl

Animated TA-19 Swoop

Animated TA-20 Blackout