LATEST Arrival on 22.07.2010! SDCC Exclusive Item & TF Generations Restock!

SDCC 2010 Exclusive Marvel 19" Action Figure Galactus

SDCC 2010 Exclusive Marvel 3.75" Action Figure Thor

SDCC 2010 Exclusive Marvel 3.75" Action Figure Captain America

SDCC 2010 Exclusive Marvel 3.75" Action Figure Spider-man

SDCC 2010 Exclusive Mighty Muggs Iron Man Mark VI

Transformers Generations Deluxe Class (Restock)
- Cybertronian Optimus Prime
- Cybertronian Bumblebee
- Thrust
- Drift

Toy Review: Hunt For The Decepticons Battle Blade Bumblebee!

Product Name: Hunt For The Decepticons Deluxe Class Battle Blade Bumblebee
Manufactured by: Hasbro
Release Date: July 2010


Car Mode

Top View (Front)

Top View (Rear) - car boots snap properly~

Side View

Bottom View - oversize RPM... XD

Robot Mode (Front), shoulder joints can lift up & down~

Robot Mode (Rear)

New head design with slide-down battle mask~

New weapon - left arm has a hidden blade which can be flipped out by pressing the gray button.

Bumblebee insignia weapon - Arm Buster Cannon, now with new foldable design.


This Battle Blade Bumblebee is the best finishing deluxe class Bumblebee at this moment, it has more articulate joints, new hand design with movable fingers, new weapons, and of course, the new Bumblebbee head with slide down battle mask~

Toy Review: iGear PP01C Clear Leader!

Product Name: PP01C Clear Leader
Manufactured by: iGear
Release Date: July 2010

Robot Mode

A translucent Masterpiece!

Now you can see the mechanism inside~ no more disguise~

Autobots, let's Roll out~

Translucent gun, new head & fist~


Action~ Same as the original MP Convoy, it can do most posing but this toy stand more sturdy!

Compare with Henkei Convoy~ (sorry no clear version for Henkei...)

This is the part where easy to break - oil tank... the spring coil is too strong, it overstressed the oil tank joint! So, becareful when you want to transform it into vehicle mode!

Overall, the toy material is a bit flimsy... Be cautious, play gently & carefully...
If you found any broken parts, kindly take a photo and email to us, we will replace an ENHANCED version to you in late September 2010. Sorry for any inconvenient.

LATEST Arrival on 19.07.2010! iGear Clear Leader & Henkei Convoy!

TakaraTomy Henkei C-01 Convoy (Reissue)
iGear PP01C Clear Leader

iGear PP01C Clear Leader

*Due to some part defect happened on the PP01C, you will be receiving an ENHANCED PP01C (body only) from iGear, estimate arriving in late September 2010. Kindly collect your PP01C as soon as possible else you will not be able to get this offer! A receipt will be issued and must be present when collecting the ENHANCED PP01C.

Pre-order! Upcoming Hot TakaraTomy Transformers!

TakaraTomy Transformers
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Transformers 2010 Primus - RM310
Transformers 2010 Unicron - RM320
Transformers 2010 Son of Cybertron Animated Optimus Prime & Hot Rodimus (Clear Ver.) - RM160
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Alternity A-01 Convoy feat. Nissan GTR Red Ver. (Reissue) - RM140
Alternity A-01 Ultra Magnus feat. Nissan GTR White ver. - RM150
Alternity A-04 Thundercracker feat. Misuoka Orochi - RM140

Hasbro Transformers
Transformers Reissue Seacons (Piranacons) - RM199

Toy Review: Power Core Combiners Bombshock with Combaticons!

Product Name: Power Core Combiners Bombshock with Combaticons
Manufactured by: Hasbro
Release Date: June 2010

Bombshock & Combaticons! Has solid color painting & detailing, good color scheme (military scheme), and a new style of robot combination~

Bombshock (Vehicle Mode)

Bombshock (Robot Mode)

Bombshock (Action)

Power Core Combine! This is the original mode...

Power Core Combine Ver.2.0~ Now it stand taller and both legs have better movement~

Action: Both arm has limitation due to no elbow joint, fingers can't hold... however, legs can bend almost 120°~

More action~

LATEST Arrival on 09.07.2010! Masterpiece Ghost Starscream & Some TakaraTomy Animated!

Masterpiece MP-3G Ghost Starscream
TA-23 Skywarp
TA-24 Thundercracker
TA-25 Sound Blaster
TA Set G Jetfire & Jetstorm
Disney Label Buzz Lightyear

Toy Review: Generations Deluxe Cybertronian Bumblebee

Product Name: Generations Deluxe Class Cybertronian Bumblebee (War For Cybertron)
Manufactured by: Hasbro
Release Date: June 2010

Car Mode (Front), looks cute & stylish~

Car Mode (Side View), aerodynamic design!

Car Mode (Rear View)

Car Mode (Top View)

Robot Mode, stand sturdy, head & waist can turn around smoothly, however the legs can bend 45° only...

WFC Bumblebee weapon 1 - Gun

WFC Bumblebee weapon 2 - Twin Energon Blade (not exclusive to Optimus Prime XD)

WFC Bumblebee has a very good double joint arm which make him more articulate~

Hips are slightly loose, need to put some nail polisher to make it tighten =.-

Compare with Henkei Bumblebee, car mode & robot mode~

Collection of Bumblebees :P