Fake Toy Review - Alternators Nemesis Prime

Fake Toy Review: Alternators Nemesis Prime - by rave_ragu (CariTF)
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Color: KO has a solid black color, looks more shinny; the original color is slightly lighter
Signal Light: Original is orange color, KO is yellow color

Engine (Weapon): Left is original, the word "Viper" is clear & sharp; right is KO, the word "Viper" is blur

Read Car Plate: Original version has a complete "NEMESIS" in 1 type face while the KO version is 2 different type face - "NEM" is bold & "ESIS" is slim

Rear Window: Original version has 3 injection point, while the KO has 1 only; beside, the color of the windows are different too, original version is more to pink while the KO version is solid red

Bottom: Original version has the word © DCC 2006 stamped, KO version is blank

Overview between KO & original

Leg: The leg plate position were reversed

Hip: KO has 2 "-" sign only while the original has 2 "Θ"
Thigh: KO is light gray color, the original is dark grey color

Torso: KO is using normal screw, the original is using black color screw
Fore Arm: KO paintjob is worse, the split seam is very obvious looking

Fore Head: KO is silver color, the original is metalic blue; theKO's head is out of shape, it looks blur
Eye: KO's has a bigger eye with offside paintjob, original is more narrow & neat paintjob
Gear: Reversed position