Robot Heroes Blind Pack Out in Malaysia 7-11!

Transformers Robot Heroes in blind pack out in Malaysia, exclusively for 7-11 (Klang Valley only), retail price is RM9.90. It's fun :)
Packaging Overview

Some of the figures...
G1 Optimus Prime Metalic Version, G1 Megatron & G1 Unicron

G1 Bumblebee

Movie Megatron & Movie Optimus Prime Trooper...

Movie Battle Damaged Optimus Prime (was an exclusive item from BestBuy DVD boxset)

G1 Optimus Prime Metalic Version & G1 Ultra Magnus

Movie Barricade & Movie Cliffjumper (also 1 of the exclusive item from BestBuy DVD Boxset)

Credits: yamie_23 & rave_ragu (CariTF)