MOVING OUT SALE! 24th - 27th MARCH 2010!

Moving Out Sale! All price will be revised back to normal after this!

TFTM Trans Scanning TS-01 Optimus Prime = RM140 RM80
TFTM Trans Scanning TS-02 Bumblebee = RM130 RM70
ROTF RA-03 Bumblebee = RM90 RM65
ROTF RA-04 Sideswipe = RM90 RM65
ROTF RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime = RM240 RM200
ROTF RA-26 Recon Ironhide = RM130 RM90
ROTF RD-19 Demolishor Shanghai Attack = RM130 RM90
ROTF RD-20 Bludgeon = RM130 RM90
ROTF RD-22 Dirge = RM90 RM40
ROTF RD-23 Breakdown = RM40 RM25
ROTF RD-24 Barricade & Frenzy = RM160 RM120
ROTF Amazon Exclusive Swerve = RM90 RM70
Encore 05 Ironhide + 06 Ratchet = RM180 RM100
Encore 07 Skylynx = RM240 RM160
Encore 09 Omega Supreme = RM320 RM240
Encore 13 Hoist+ 14 Trailbreaker = RM180 RM120
Encore 16 Bruticus = RM250 RM190
Encore 18 Skids = RM130 RM85
Encore e-Hobby Megatron Black Version = RM250 RM150
Encore e-Hobby Sunstorm = RM180 RM90
Encore Mail Order Exclusive Ratchet Green Color Version = RM270 RM200
Henkei C-12 Cheetor = RM70 RM50
Henkei C-16 Dinobot = RM80 RM60
Henkei C-18 Attack Team = RM80 RM50
Henkei C-19 Spy Team = RM80 RM50
Alternity A-02 Megatron Diamond Black = RM160 RM120
Alternity A-03 Bumblebee Champion Yellow = RM160 RM120
Binaltech BT-21 Arcee = RM150 RM100
Disney Label Donald Duck = RM140 RM100
Device Label Grimlock + Dinosaurer USB Mouse = RM320 RM200
Music Label MP3 Soundwave Sonic Blue = RM300 RM160
Music Label iPod Speaker Convoy G1 Color = RM550 RM350
Masterpiece MP-8 Grimlock + MP-8X King Grimlock = RM1180 RM900

TFTM Deep Space Starscream Metalic Version = RM120 RM70
ROTF Deluxe Deadend = RM60 RM40
ROTF Deluxe Autobot Gears = RM60 RM40
ROTF Deluxe Breakway = RM60 RM40
ROTF Deluxe Tuner Mudflap = RM60 RM40
ROTF Deluxe NEST Dirge = RM60 RM40
ROTF Deluxe NEST Bumblebee = RM60 RM40
ROTF Deluxe Skids & Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck) = RM60 RM40
ROTF Voyager Optimus Prime Shanghai Shogun = RM120 RM90
ROTF Voyager Starscream = RM120 RM90
ROTF Legends Constructicons Devastator = RM150 RM100
ROTF Leader Optimus Prime = RM220 RM170
ROTF Leader Buster Optimus Prime + Jetfire Asia Edition = RM400 RM350
TFA Deluxe Soundwave with Laserbeak = RM55 RM40
TFA Deluxe Bumblebee = RM55 RM40
TFA Deluxe Elite Bumblebee = RM55 RM40
TFA Deluxe Swindle = RM55 RM40
TFA Deluxe Jazz = RM55 RM40
TFA Deluxe Safeguard Jetfire & Jetstorm = RM110 RM70
TFA Voyager Lugnut = RM110 RM30
TFA Voyager Skywarp = RM110 RM30
TFA Voyager Megatron Cybetron Mode = RM110 RM50
TFA Leader Ultra Magnus = RM190 RM150
TFA Battle Begin DVD Twin Pack Optimus Prime VS Megatron = RM110 RM90
Titanium Thrust = RM80 RM50
Titanium HotZone = RM80 RM60

*SPECIAL OFFER #1! ROTF Hasbro HA Bumblebee + TakaraTomy HA Barricade = RM210 only (SAVE RM100)! Limited Stock!
*SPECIAL OFFER #2! ROTF Hasbro HA Sideswipe + TakaraTomy HA Barricade = RM220 only (SAVE RM90)! Limited Stock!

Sonokong / Mocom
Galaxy Force Red Alert = RM90 RM60
Galaxy Force Autovolt = RM45 RM35
Galaxy Force Vector Prime = RM90 RM50
Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy = RM170 RM150

TFC Toys
TFC EX-002R Shadow Battle Rollar = RM120 RM100
TFC EX-002B Battle Rollar = RM120 RM100
TFC 004 Gear Of War 1 = RM110 RM85
TFC 005 Gear Of War 2 = RM80 RM75

TFX-01J DIA Commander = RM295 RM260
TFX-02 G3 Trailer = RM295 RM260

PG 1/60 Gundam 00 Raiser with Stand = RM900 RM850
PG 1/60 Gundam 00 Paiser Clear Parts = RM180 RM140
MG 1/100 G-Fighter = RM224 RM140
MG 1/100 GM Ver.2.0 = RM140 RM99
MG 1/100 Gun Tank = RM192 RM140
MG 1/100 Gouf Ver.2.0 = RM152 RM110
MG 1/100 Kampfer = RM160 RM120
MG 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam with Bazooka = RM160 RM140
MG 1/100 Gundam Unicorn Titanium Finish = RM320 RM270
MG 1/100 Strike Rouge = RM160 RM120
MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise = RM192 RM160
NG 1/100 Gale Strike Gundam = RM100 RM75
NG 1/100 Hail Buster Gundam = RM100 RM75
NG 1/100 Regen Duel Gundam = RM100 RM75
NG 1/100 Gundam Astray Green Frame = RM100 RM75
NG 1/100 Gundam Astray Gold Frame = RM160 RM120
NG 1/100 Gundam 00 = RM112 RM84
NG 1/100 0 Raiser = RM64 RM48
NG 1/100 Gundam Seravee = RM144 RM120
NG 1/100 Gundam Arios = RM104 RM78
NG 1/100 Gundam Astraea Type F = RM112 RM84
HG 1/144 Gundam 00 = RM40 RM30
HG 1/144 0 Raiser = RM32 RM24
HG 1/144 Gundam 00 Raiser Designer's Color Version = RM72 RM60
HG 1/144 GN-Arms Type D + Gundam Dynames = RM240 RM180
BB Gundam Sangokuden Series 600yen Type - 5 pcs for RM120 RM95

Cash & Carry, credit card payment +2%. NO RESERVE, limited stocks only, 1st come 1st served! Price above exclude postage, self collect at Famitoy's store (Kota Damansara), COD can be arranged at following location:
Jayaone, Damansara Uptown, Wisma Atria, 1Utama, Centerpoint, The Curve, Sunway Giza - Monday to Saturday, 10-11am or 730-8pm
Amcorp Mall - Sunday morning 10-11am
*Subject to change without prior notice.

Stay tuned for our opening announcement~