Toy Review: Hunt For The Decepticons Battle Blade Bumblebee!

Product Name: Hunt For The Decepticons Deluxe Class Battle Blade Bumblebee
Manufactured by: Hasbro
Release Date: July 2010


Car Mode

Top View (Front)

Top View (Rear) - car boots snap properly~

Side View

Bottom View - oversize RPM... XD

Robot Mode (Front), shoulder joints can lift up & down~

Robot Mode (Rear)

New head design with slide-down battle mask~

New weapon - left arm has a hidden blade which can be flipped out by pressing the gray button.

Bumblebee insignia weapon - Arm Buster Cannon, now with new foldable design.


This Battle Blade Bumblebee is the best finishing deluxe class Bumblebee at this moment, it has more articulate joints, new hand design with movable fingers, new weapons, and of course, the new Bumblebbee head with slide down battle mask~