CHRISTMAS SALES! Every Friday & Saturday@ 10/11, 17/18 & 24/25!

GREAT NEWS! We are having CHRISTMAS SALES on every Friday & Saturday start from 10/12/2010 until 25/12/2010! Don't miss the opportunity to haul for your precious gift at this wonderful season! Come find out more at our Sunway Giza outlet!

Transformers Scout Class - RM20 onwards!
Transformers Deluxe Class - RM30 onwards!
Transformers Voyager Class - RM70 onwards!

**Limited Stock OFFER**
Transformers 2010 Predaking @ SPECIAL PRICE!
Marvel Universe Masterworks Galactus Comic-con 2010 Exclusive @ RM175
Mighty Muggs Ironman VI Comic-con 2010 Exclusive @ RM45

List of Transformers onSALE:
Alternity Series
Animated Series
Beast Wars Series
Encore Series
Generations Series
Movie Series
Power Core Series
Unicron Trilogy Series - Micron Densetsu / Superlink / Galaxy Force
Vintage G1 Transformers

More item to be announced soon, stay tuned~

Business Hour: 11.30AM - 7PM

*Subject to change without prior notice.